Qual è la traduzione inglese di una parola o frase? È corretta la mia traduzione? Per favore indicare più contesto possibile...
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02.09.2013 17:32:56

DIN 31051

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Dear Sir's / Madam's

Please let me know if you will have DIN 31051 in English.
I have not been able to find the same

04.09.2013 22:59:12

Re: DIN 31051

di Laura77
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Iscritto il: 17.10.2011 15:37:18
Hello Jan S. and thank you for you enquiry.

You can try contacting the German Institute of Standards ("Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V.") and ask if an English translation of the Standard 31051 "Fundamentals of Maintenance" is available/in preparation. Some of the standards are already available in English, please follow this link to their website:

http://www.din.de/cmd?languageid=en&wor ... =dinSearch

Hope this helps.

Best Regards

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