Qual è la traduzione inglese di una parola o frase? È corretta la mia traduzione? Per favore indicare più contesto possibile...
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13.02.2012 20:59:21


di Fabienne
Guten Abend,
wie übersetzt man "Zusatztermine"?
13.02.2012 23:01:26

Re: Zusatztermine

di [PONS] Linguistin
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ich würde sagen "additional date" bzw. "additional appointment", je nachdem um was für einen Termin es sich handelt.
14.02.2012 08:21:52

Re: Zusatztermine

di [PONS] yakyuyama
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Iscritto il: 16.12.2011 12:45:19
Hey Fabienne,

I agree with Linguistin's suggestions, including the fact that it's hard to give you an exact translation without context. Thus, I give you yet another possibility:

"addition to the schedule"

as in:

"Anybody know if the Mizzou series was already planned or is it a late addition to the schedule ... ?"

source: http://theauburneagle.com/WEAForum/inde ... ic=43483.0

as well as:

"This game, a late addition to the schedule, has massacre written all over it."

source: http://www.buckeyextra.com/content/blog ... -utah.html

There are probably even more possibilities out there, however, so if none of these works, let the forum know and maybe someone will find a solution to what you are looking for.

17.02.2012 18:23:02

Re: Zusatztermine

di Fabienne
Lieben Dank!
Es ging um Prüfungstermine.

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