Qual è la traduzione tedesca di una parola o frase? È corretta la mia traduzione? Per favore indicare più contesto possibile...
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01.11.2010 16:36:46


di Amst
Hi, friends! Im here to ask what "SELBSTVERLIEBT" mean? is that bad? or something like narcizism? Or just "I LOVE MYSELF"? I want to make an tattoo with that word with a heart... Like "I LOVE MYSELF AND RESPECT ME" understand? Can i use SELBSTVERLIEBT? Or is too much egoist?
01.11.2010 19:29:01

Re: Selbstverliebt

di ülülü
Hi Amst,

I wouldn't use "selbstverliebt", it sounds too much like arrogance. Unfortunately I can't think of just one appropriate word in German. Has anybody else an idea?
03.11.2010 22:00:21

Re: Selbstverliebt

di Amst
Friends, looks like SELBSTVERLIEBT is too much egocentric and egoist... So what should i put in my tattooo?!?! Help me please! Something like that u r saying that u love urself and u respect urself!

Eigenliebe? I found that on google translator.


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