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Qual è la traduzione inglese di una parola o frase? È corretta la mia traduzione? Per favore indicare più contesto possibile...
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11.09.2012 14:54:28

du kannst mich mal

di Ospite
du kannst mich mal
11.09.2012 15:19:46

Re: du kannst mich mal

di folletto
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Hi Gast,


Sod you! (Brit.) [sl.]
Up yours! [vulg.]


Wer eine Fremdsprache lernt, zieht den Hut vor einer anderen Nation.
Martin Kessel
25.09.2012 03:17:41

Re: du kannst mich mal

di 89rules
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Hey Guest,

Two nice American English ways of saying du kannst mich mal are Fuck you! and Fuck off!, both of which can be used in many, many situations. Another way you could get your point across is Blow me! All three of those expressions are rather vulgar, however. If you are looking for something not as vulgar, perhaps you could go with Stuff it! or Shove it! (as well as Up yours!, which folletto already suggested). Nothing much less vulgar than that comes to mind, but maybe someone else will give you some more suggestions.

Take it easy,

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