Qual è la traduzione tedesca di una parola o frase? È corretta la mia traduzione? Per favore indicare più contesto possibile...
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29.02.2012 11:42:02


di DrDrDrMr
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Hi all,

I want to translate;

“The direct current armature core is laminated.”

Does the following sound OK?

"Der Kern des Gleichstromankers ist laminiert.“

Thanks in advance.

29.02.2012 21:20:36

Re: armature

di [PONS] ponshobbit
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Hi DrDrMr,

Electronics is not exactly my first subject, but I checked this up and it sounds ok to me.

Anybody like to verify this - folletto maybe? - see under:


13.03.2012 18:08:45

Re: armature

di fredbär
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I’m not a German native-speaker, but this looks OK to me too.

Anker seems to be the German word for armature (see here e.g. http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anker_%28Elektrotechnik%29)



How charmed I am when I overhear a German word which I understand! - Mark Twain

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