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19.11.2011 16:52:47

make up for in balls

di boss48
Es geht um einen jugendlichen Saxofonspieler:

"Was the kid any good?", she asked.
"He will be," I said. "But what he lacks in experience he makes up for in balls."

Dieses in balls macht mir Schwierigkeiten.

= ... was ihm an Erfahrung fehlt, holt er auf (in balls).

Oder ist das Slang? Im Sinne von: Er hat die Eier, das aufzuholen. Der Erzähler hier benutzt häufig Slang-Ausdrücke.
21.11.2011 17:08:57

Re: make up for in balls

di [PONS] ponshobbit
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Hi boss48,

This is a slang expression for courage /bravado / "guts", etc.

It "guts": to "have balls" is to be brave. It can also mean to have the "cheek" / the nerve to do something

Note: Some entries here :shock: have been deleted by Google - depending on the situation, this can be seen as rather vulgar :roll:

21.11.2011 21:04:55

Re: make up for in balls

di boss48
Many thanks.
That should help me.

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