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Qual è la traduzione tedesca di una parola o frase? È corretta la mia traduzione? Per favore indicare più contesto possibile...
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09.08.2012 22:06:50

snatch someone bald-headed

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Was bedeutet to snatch someone bald-headed

"jemanden bei etwas erwischen" ???
13.08.2012 08:16:32

Re: snatch someone bald-headed

di [PONS] yakyuyama
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Iscritto il: 16.12.2011 12:45:19

I've heard of:

to catch sb red-handed

but never

to snatch someone bald-headed

13.08.2012 16:34:34

Re: snatch someone bald-headed

di [PONS] Ponsomime
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Iscritto il: 07.10.2011 15:13:24

I must admit I have never heard it either, but managed to find the following;

“The most frequent form of this locution is ‘I’m going to snatch you baldheaded’ (i.e., out from under your own hair).)”


“SNATCH [or GRAB or JERK] BALDHEADED: To defeat thoroughly, thrash, beat up, manhandle, treat roughly, etc. (hence) to stun, amaze. (Historical Dictionary of American Slang, Dictionary of American Regional English)”

So, maybe something like jdn schocken or erstaunen?

14.08.2012 03:23:29

re: snatch someone bald-headed

di 89rules
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Iscritto il: 06.03.2012 08:37:40
Hey Ponsomime,

I looked over that article in Harvard Magazine and like the line about I’m going to snatch you 40 ways from last Tuesday. Only in the South... :D

Take it easy,

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