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British Punctuation

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Hi, all -

I live in America but was hoping that a British expert could help me with punctuation questions relative to BrE. I am trying so very hard to learn the 'British way'.

Are these correctly punctuated per British rules? Please pay close attention to the comma/period placement with respect to the quote marks.

1. "I'm not sure what is meant by 'fail-safe'."
2. The sign said 'All vehicles will be towed at owner's expense.'
3. When Sally said, 'Be quiet', I listened.
4. When Sally shouted, 'Shut up!', I listened.
5. When Sally asked, 'How are you?', I replied 'Not so good.'
6. 'I heard Mike say, "I'm retiring on Friday".'
7. I don't like my wife's 'Where have you been?', 'What time are you coming home?' and 'Are you cheating?' questions.
8. The email said, 'The meeting is on December 1st. Please be punctual and bring your lunch.'
9. I like the old adage 'A stitch in time saves nine.'
10. I don't like his ungrammatical sentence 'I were there on Friday.'
11. "I don't like his ungrammatical sentence "I were there on Friday."'
12. 'I am', he said, 'extremely unhappy with the outcome.'
13. 'I am going,' he said, 'but I need more time.'

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