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09.10.2011 16:58:31

Have you...?

di Debi
Is there any instance in which you can say Have you....?
e.g. Have you any brothers or sisters?
10.10.2011 13:29:38

Re: Have you...?

di [PONS] ponshobbit
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Iscritto il: 05.10.2011 15:04:49
Hi Debi,

"Have you any brothers and sisters" is perfectly correct, although it sounds more formal to my ears as a native speaker. A teacher might phrase it this way, or if you are asked to give your particulars, e.g. for filling out a form. In conversation we would be more likely to say: "Do you have any brothers and sisters?", or (more colloquial), "have you got any brothers and sisters?".

Hope this helps,


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