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18.11.2012 16:35:06

month's oder months'

di PM2
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Iscritto il: 10.01.2012 19:43:54
Sagt man In three month’s time oder In three months' time?

Danke im Voraus.

18.11.2012 19:53:10

Re: month's oder months'

di folletto
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Iscritto il: 20.03.2011 15:03:37
Hi PM2,

In three months' time

is correct

Don't ask me why - I can't explain.


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Martin Kessel
19.11.2012 16:00:51

Re: month's oder months'

di [PONS] yakyuyama
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Iscritto il: 16.12.2011 12:45:19
Hey all,

Here's one explanation about the proper use of apostrophes, but there are plenty more out there.

According to that website, as per folletto, it should be in two (three) months’ time.

20.11.2012 11:01:18

Re: month's oder months'

di DrDrDrMr
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Iscritto il: 18.10.2011 14:20:25 says it should be s’

“The work is due to start in two weeks’ time.”
21.11.2012 10:12:18


di DaveP
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Iscritto il: 05.10.2011 16:17:59
Hi All,

Nice graphic describing use of the apostrophe here;

25.11.2012 13:12:35

Re: month's oder months'

di fredbär
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Iscritto il: 02.10.2011 09:59:52

According to the Guardian Style Guide;

“Use apostrophes in phrases such as two days' time, 12 years' imprisonment and six weeks' holiday, where the time period (two days) modifies a noun (time), but not in nine months pregnant or three weeks old, where the time period is adverbial (modifying an adjective such as pregnant or old) – if in doubt, test with a singular such as one day's time, one month pregnant.”



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