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19.05.2010 14:00:22


di BieneMaya
Hallo, ich habe wieder mal einen englischen Satz gefunden, der mich zwar fasziniert, aber auch verwirrt hat ;) 'He went to America never to be heard of again' Kann man auch andere Sätze diesem Muster folgend bilden? Z.B. kann ich schreiben 'She joined our company always to be competing with other colleagues' oder 'She joined our company often to be praised by the boss'? Thanks for your help darlings! ;)
25.05.2010 10:42:29

Re: Satzstruktur

di Doris
Hi BieneMaya :)

The construction you are referring to in your first example is called passive infinitive which is often used in notices and instructions like:

The exercise is to be done three times a day.


This key is to be returned within 24 hours.

The phrase never to be heard of again which also contains a passive infinitive is used when something or someone seems to have vanished forever. Your other two sentences might be grammatically correct but they do sound a little awkward and there are probably ways to express the same ideas more clearly.

I hope I could help a little, take care!

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