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25.05.2010 14:09:40

"Hab ich nicht gewusst"

di Gingerbread
Hello, I need some help with this sentence... I thought that "hab" is an imperativ, because it’s in the first position, but then there’s the "ich"??
25.05.2010 14:19:10

Re: "Hab ich nicht gewusst"

di Assistant
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Iscritto il: 11.05.2010 16:17:07
Hello, it is just informal German, the "Das" which should be in front of the "hab" was left out, and then it should be "habe," not "hab," but the 'e' is often left out. The senctence should be "Das habe ich nicht gewusst" in its full form, and that means "I didn’t know that/this."

2 messaggi • Pagina 1 di 1

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