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01.04.2011 14:02:39

Akk. vs. Dat.

di david586
Hello fellow language-lovers. I am an American who has been studying German for a few years. I was hoping that someone could give me a solid explanation of dat./acc. prepositions.

I read a previous post concerning IM vs IN --- the argument about motion can only go so far. For example, denken an (with ACC) does not clearly express motion.

Could someone (a native German at best) go into a detailed discussion about when a non-native speaker can recognize when the dative should be used with these two-way prepositions as opposed to the accusative?
08.04.2011 22:58:07

Re: Akk. vs. Dat.

di Stefan
Maybe you could post the link to the post you are talking about? Sorry, but I couldn't find anything.
23.04.2011 17:24:16

Re: Akk. vs. Dat.

di Irmi

I think you are referring to this discussion? forum-deutsch-englisch/deutsche-grammatik/im-ins-t1405.html
I'm not a linguist or a teacher or someone who has a great knowledge of the German grammar but maybe this site can help you: ... n-5375740/


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