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29.08.2011 22:30:54

names and articles

di Kevin
I've got a question concerning names of restaurants with articles.
For example there is a restaurant "Der Goldene Schwan", what do I say:
Ich gehe in "Der Goldene Schwan" (sounds funny)
or can you also say
Ich gehe in "Den Goldenen Schwan" :?:
30.08.2011 10:09:06

Re: names and articles

di Damien
Guten Morgen Kevin,

meiner Meinung nach sagt man Ich gehe in "Den Goldenen Schwan".
Der Kasus wird also angepasst.

15.10.2011 10:58:27

Re: names and articles

di DieJoan
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Iscritto il: 02.10.2011 10:48:34
Hi Kevin,
one way of getting round this problem is to just mention the restaurant-part as well because then the restaurant takes the case:
Wir gehen heute in das Restaurant (Akk) "Der Goldene Schwan".
In written language, I would always try to keep the name in the nomiative by doing this in order not to change the name. In spoken language, one does indeed say "wir gehen in den Goldenen Schwan"

3 messaggi • Pagina 1 di 1

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