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12.01.2012 22:56:38

two nouns, what difference?

di Witali
I know that you can form a noun by writing a verb with a capital letter, like stricken gets das Stricken.
Now I also read the verb Strickerei, and my teacher said it is a Noun belonging to stricken. Please, where is the difference?
13.01.2012 18:35:33

Re: two nouns, what difference?

di fredbär
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Iscritto il: 02.10.2011 09:59:52
Hi Witali,

das Stricken means 'knitting‘ (the activity) and die Strickerei usually refers to a knitting mill or factory, (a bit like Bäckerei or Brauerei) but can sometimes mean the activity or even the product.

We do something similar in English, e.g a bakery is where things are baked and a brewery where things are brewed.

Hope that helps (a bit)



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