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I.thine [Brit ðʌɪn, Am ðaɪn] prov PRON

thine → yours

II.thine [Brit ðʌɪn, Am ðaɪn] prov DET

thine → your

Vedi anche: yours, your

yours [Brit jɔːz, jʊəz, Am jɔrz, jʊrz]

yours PRON For a full note on the use of the vous and tu forms in French, see the entry → you.
In French, possessive pronouns reflect the gender and number of the noun they are standing for. When yours is referring to only one person it is translated by le vôtre, la vôtre, les vôtres or, more familiarly, le tien, la tienne, les tiens, les tiennes. When yours is referring to more than one person it is translated by le vôtre, la vôtre, les vôtres.
For examples and particular usages see the entry below.

your [Brit jɔː, jʊə, Am jɔr, jʊr] DET

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