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I . to [tu:] PREP

2. to (before):

4. to with indirect object:

I said to myself
mi sono detto

7. to (in comparison):

3 (goals) to 1
3 (gol) a 1

9. to (proportion):

by a majority of 5 to 1
the odds are 3 to 1

10. to (causing):

11. to (by):


12. to (matching):


14. to (for purpose of):



II . to [tu:] infinitive particle

1. to (infinitive: not translated):

2. to (in command):

3. to (after interrogative words):

7. to (future intention):

10. to (in general statements):

11. to (in ellipsis):

III . to [tu:] AVV

according to ·ˈkɔ:r·dɪŋ·tə] PREP

answer to VERBO trans

1. answer to (obey):

2. answer to (fit):

3. answer to (be named):

bring to VERBO trans always sep

II . close to AVV (almost)

I . come to VERBO trans insep

2. come to (amount to):

II . come to VERBO intr MED

fall to VERBO trans insep (be responsibility of)

heave to <hove to, hoved to> VERBO intr NAUT

hold to VERBO trans insep

I . keep to VERBO trans always sep (remain private)

II . keep to VERBO intr

1. keep to (stay in):

lay to VERBO intr NAUT

lean-to [ˈli:n·tu:] SOST

1. lean-to (building extension):

2. lean-to (shack):

look to VERBO intr

1. look to (attend to):

2. look to (depend on,count on):

onto [ˈɑ:n·tu:] PREP, on to PREP

2. onto (connected to):

owing to PREP

pander to [ˈpæ·dɚ tə] VERBO trans

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