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I . see1 <saw, seen> [si:] VERBO trans

5. see (consider):

as I see it ...
z mojega vidika ...

9. see (have relationship with):

12. see (accompany):


14. see in impers (refer to):

see ...
glej ...

15. see (perceive):

see2 [si:] SOST (of bishop or archbishop)

see into VERBO intr

1. see (look into):


2. see (find out about):

see off VERBO trans

2. see (drive away):

poditi [perf prepoditi]

3. see (get the better of):

to see offsb/sth

II . see out VERBO intr

see over VERBO intr Brit Aus

see building:


see round VERBO intr Brit Aus

I . see through VERBO trans

1. see (look through):

2. see (not be deceived by):


see to VERBO intr to see to sb/sth

I . see up VERBO intr

II . see up VERBO trans

I . ˈmust-see SOST

I . see-saw [ˈsi:sɔ:] SOST

1. see-saw (for children):

2. see-saw (vacillating situation):

II . see-saw [ˈsi:sɔ:] VERBO intr

1. see-saw (play):

gugati se [perf zagugati se]

ˈsee-through AGG

1. see-through (transparent):

2. see-through (of very light material):

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