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I . on [ɒn, Am ɑ:n] PREP

7. on (supported by a part of the body):

auf +dat

16. on (in the course of):

auf +dat

33. on Aus, Brit SPORTS (having points of):


to be on sth Brit, Aus
to be on it Aus fam
to be on it Aus fam
sich dat die Kanne geben RFT fam

II . on [ɒn, Am ɑ:n] AVV inv

9. on (due to perform):

11. on Am (performing well):

to be on
gut drauf sein fam

III . on [ɒn, Am ɑ:n] AGG inv, attr

2. on ELEC, TECH:

add on VERBO trans to add on sth

1. add on (include):

to add on sth

2. add on (attach):

to add on sth

3. add on (build):

to add on sth

bang on VERBO intr

to bang on about sth Brit pej sl

bash on VERBO intr Brit fam

bring on VERBO trans

1. bring on (cause to occur):

to bring on sth
to bring on sth MED

3. bring on (improve):

to bring on sb

I . build on VERBO intr

1. build on (take advantage of):

auf etw akk bauen [o. setzen]

2. build on (add extension):

to build on sth

II . build on VERBO trans

2. build on (base):

car·ry·ing-ˈon <pl carryings-on> SOST fam

1. carrying-on no pl (dubious affair):

2. carrying-on (dubious activity):

ˈcar·ry-on SOST no pl Brit fam

2. carry-on (dubious activity):

3. carry-on (love affair):

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