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I . the [ði:, ði, ðə] ART def

1. the (denoting thing mentioned):

v kinu

2. the (particular thing/person):

3. the (with family name):

4. the (before relative clause):

5. the (in title):

6. the (before adjective):

8. the (with superlative):

10. the (with ordinal numbers):

11. the (with measurements):

dyed-in-the-ˈwool AGG

Jus·tice of the ˈPeace SOST, JP SOST

mid·dle-of-the-ˈroad AGG

2. middle-of-the-road pej (boring):

II . off-the-ˈcuff AVV

off-the-job ˈtrain·ing SOST no pl

off-the-ˈpeg Brit, off-the-ˈrack AGG

on-the-job ˈtrain·ing SOST no pl

out of the ˈway AGG pred, ˈout-of-the-way AGG attr

out of the way spot, place:

over-the-ˈcount·er AGG attr

1. over-the-counter (without prescription):

2. over-the-counter FIN:

state of the ˈart AGG pred, state-of-the-ˈart AGG attr

I . ˈstick-in-the-mud SOST fam

II . ˈstick-in-the-mud AGG attr

toad-in-the-ˈhole SOST Brit

I . under-the-ˈcount·er AGG attr

II . under-the-ˈcount·er AVV

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