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I . end [end] SOST

1. end (last, furthest point):

Ende nt
at our/your end fam

5. end (exhaustion):

Ende nt
fertig sein fam
to be at an end fig
pleite sein fam

11. end (small leftover piece):

Rest m
Ende nt

12. end (share in a business transaction):

Anteil m
CH a. Betreffnis nt

14. end COMPUT (button on keyboard):


15. end fam (the worst):

16. end esp Am fam (the best):

ˈend-to-end AGG attr

end-to-end solution, plan, system:

ac·count ˈend SOST ECON, FIN

ˈclose-end·ed, ˈclosed-end Am AGG inv ECON, FIN

I . dead-ˈend SOST

III . dead-ˈend VERBO intr

ˈdog-end SOST fam

1. dog-end (butt):

2. dog-end (worst part):

East ˈEnd SOST

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