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I . out [aʊt] AGG

4. out inv, pred (in blossom):

8. out inv, pred:

bewusstlos [o. fam weg] sein
to be out for the count BOXING
k.o. [o. ausgezählt] sein
total hinüber [o. erledigt] [o. CH durch] sein fam
to be out like a light fam
weg sein fam

14. out inv, pred (off):

to be out fire a.

17. out inv, pred homosexual:

sich akk geoutet haben fam

18. out inv, pred tide:

19. out inv, pred debutante:

II . out [aʊt] AVV

7. out inv (to an end, finished):

over and out AVIAT
Ende fachspr

8. out inv (out of prison):

9. out inv (unconscious):

to go out like a light fam
jdn bewusstlos [o. k.o.] schlagen

12. out inv (outdated):

völlig altmodisch [o. RFT hum fam von anno Tobak] sein

13. out inv (time off):

14. out inv tide:

III . out [aʊt] VERBO trans to out sb

2. out BOXING:

jdn k.o. schlagen

3. out homosexual:

jdn outen fam

ace out VERBO trans Am (in a competition)

II . average out VERBO intr

1. average out (have as average):

2. average out (even out):

bag out VERBO trans Aus fam (criticize)

I . bail out VERBO trans

1. bail out (pay to release):

to bail out sb

II . bail out VERBO intr

2. bail out (discontinue):

sich akk ausklinken hum fam

3. bail out ECON fam (sell):

II . balance out VERBO intr

2. balance out (be eqal):

balloon out VERBO intr

balloon out dress, trousers, sail:

puss out, pussy out VERBO

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