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let1 [let] SOST

1. let SPORTS:


II . let2 <-tt-, let, let> [let] VERBO trans

5. let (when thinking, for examples, assumptions):

let me/let's see, ...
also, ...
Moment [mal], ...

6. let (expressing politeness):

let me/us ...

9. let REL (giving a command):

to let sb/sth ...
lasset ...
es werde Licht form

10. let MATH:

let a equal 4
a ist gleich 4

11. let esp Brit, Aus (rent out):

let VERBO trans IMMO

Vocabolario specializzato


Vocabolario specializzato

I . let down VERBO trans

2. let down (lower slowly):

to let down sth

3. let down Brit, Aus (deflate):

4. let down (make longer):

II . let down VERBO intr AVIAT

ˈlet-down SOST usu sing fam

ˈlet-off SOST fam

let ˈrip VERBO intr sl (flatulate)

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